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Selection from the Journal of John Conran

John Conran

A selection from the Journal of John Conran, giving an account of his remarkable conversion from nominal Christianity, his powerful experiences of the Lord’s judgments mixed with mercy, and his travels and trials in the work of the ministry.

Selection from the Journal of John Gratton

John Gratton

A selection from the journal of John Gratton, relating his long and ardent pursuit after real Christianity amongst the many sects and opinions of the day, and his eventual discovery and experience of Christ within, the Pearl of great price, and the only hope of glory.

A History of the Quakers, Vol. IV

John Gough

Volume IV of A History of the People Called Quakers, covering the early decades of the 18th century including a number of passages pertaining to the growth and progress of Pennsylvania and ultimately ending with a brief account of the author’s death.

A History of the Quakers, Vol. III

John Gough

Volume III of A History of the People Called Quakers, covering the time period between approximately 1682 and 1699, detailing the expansion of the Society of Friends in Ireland, the West Indies, colonial America, and the founding of Pennsylvania.


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