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The Life of Abel Thomas

Abel Thomas

A memoir of the life of Abel Thomas (1737-1816), giving an account of his early surrender to the Spirit of Truth, and his travels and trials in the work of the ministry during the time of the Revolutionary War in America; also containing a collection of letters addressed to his wife later in life.

Letters of Early Friends

John Barclay

Letters, etc. of Early Friends, illustrative of the history of the society from nearly its origin to about the period of George Fox’s decease; also containing epistles of counsel and exhortation to the churches, and documents relating to the early church order and government established among Friends.

Barclay’s Anecdotes

John Barclay

A selection of anecdotes and instructive incidents taken from the publications of several members of the Society of Friends, compiled by John Barclay, and containing excerpts from the writings of George Fox, John Woolman, Thomas Chalkley, Edward Burrough, Isaac Penington, Thomas Story, and many other notable Friends.

No Cross, No Crown (Unabridged)

William Penn

The complete and unabridged classic treatise of William Penn, first written while imprisoned for his faith in the Tower of London in 1668; containing also his later additions to the work, and his collection of testimonies from “men of fame and learning” that further substantiate his position.


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