Oliver Sansom

Oliver Sansom

Oliver Sansom (1636-1710) was an early minister in the Society of Friends, whose heart was first awakened to the Truth while reading a work of Isaac Penington’s entitled, “The Way of Life and Death Made Manifest and Set Before Men.” Feeling it required of him to break off from the national church, with its man-made traditions and obligatory tithes, he became the target of great persecution, and spent many years in jail. Speaking of him after his death, Thomas Ellwood wrote, “I have this testimony to bear of his honest and innocent life; he was a good steward of his Master’s treasures, a faithful dispenser of divine mysteries committed to him, an inward and heavenly-minded man. He was more in substance than in show, greater in power than in expression, a man of a meek and quiet spirit, yet full zeal—who lived and died a servant of the Lord.”

[Oliver Sansom] was a good steward of his Master’s treasures; a faithful dispenser of the divine mysteries committed to him; an inward and heavenly-minded man, more in substance than in show; greater in power than in expression; a man meek and quiet in spirit, yet full in zeal.

- Thomas Ellwood

Books by Oliver Sansom

The Life of Oliver Sansom
Friends Library Publishing

The Life of Oliver Sansom

Oliver Sansom

The Life of Oliver Sansom

The life of Oliver Sansom, giving an account of his convincement of the Truth, and the many trials, sufferings, and imprisonments which befell him for his obedience to it; also relating some of his travels and labors in the work of the ministry.

  • 330 pages
  • journal, letters
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