Richard Davies

Richard Davies

Richard Davies (1635–1708) was a man who desperately sought after Truth from his earliest days, and became the first Welshmen to be convinced of the principles preached by the Early Quakers. Through many hardships (beatings, mockings, long imprisonments, etc.) he grew up in the Lord and became an eminent minister in the Society of Friends, being so filled with the Lord’s humility and love that even his enemies respected and admired him.

[Richard Davies] was not only a professor of the name, power, and spirit of our blessed Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ, but also made a partaker of Christ, in spirit, life, and conduct; a plain, meek, and humble man of integrity; a man fearing God and hating iniquity; a man sanctified by the Holy Spirit, unto unfeigned and constant love of his brethren in Christ.

- George Whitehead

Books by Richard Davies

The Journal of Richard Davies
Friends Library Publishing

The Journal of Richard Davies

Richard Davies

The Journal of Richard Davies

An account of the convincement, sufferings, services, and travels of that valuable servant of the Lord, Richard Davies; also containing some information relative to the spreading of Truth in Wales.

  • 132 pages
  • journal
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