William Caton

William Caton

William Caton (1636-1665) was just sixteen years old, and residing in the home of Margaret Fell in Swarthmore, when George Fox first came and preached the everlasting gospel in the demonstration of the Spirit and power. Caton was quickly convinced of the truth, and gave up to its purging and sanctifying power. He was made an effectual minister of the gospel before he was twenty years of age, but lived only to his twenty-ninth year. George Fox said of him - “His innocent life preached both righteousness and truth wherever he came, and was a sweet savor to God and in the hearts of the people. He was one who had a care for God’s glory and honor, and for the spreading of the Truth and the prosperity of it. He had many trials and exercises by false brethren, backsliders, and apostates, and among priests and professors, but the Lord gave him dominion over all.”

[William Caton] was like unto Timothy, who, after he was converted, was an example both in innocency, simplicity and purity in his life and conduct; for they did preach, as well as his doctrine, in the churches of Christ.

- George Fox

Books by William Caton

The Journal and Letters of William Caton
Friends Library Publishing

The Journal and Letters of William Caton

William Caton

The Journal and Letters of William Caton

A journal of the life of that faithful minister of the gospel, William Caton, relating his convincement of the truth while residing at Swarthmore (the home of Margaret Fell), his growth in the truth and travels in England and Holland; to which are appended a section of his letters.

  • 137 pages
  • journal, letters
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