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Interested in reading something from the early Quakers, but picking from 184 books seems daunting? No worries—on this page we’ve selected some of our favorite books and arranged them into four categories. Plus we’ve got an introductory audio to help introduce you to the early Friends.

Step 1: Audio Introduction

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History of the Quakers

Get a feel for the history of the early Society of Friends from their own contemporary historians. Learn about the context in which they emerged, the great sufferings of the early generations, the spread and progress of Truth in Great Britain, colonial America, and beyond, and become familiar with many of the notable figures among early Friends.

The Quaker Doctrine

Although they hold much in common with other Bible-believing Christian groups, there are a number of distinctive doctrines, principles, and testimonies that they were led by the Spirit of Truth to embrace and maintain, and which set them apart from other Christian communities.

Spiritual Life

Early Friends left behind a precious treasury of devotional writings which, when read by hungry hearts, greatly tend to kindle love towards God, faithfulness in obedience, meekness towards all fellow-creatures, and a deep sense of humility and sobriety during this time of our sojourning in the body.


The most common of all Quaker writings are their journals. These are incredibly inspiring and instructive records of real men and women who walked in the “ancient path” of obedience, humility, faith, and love—overcoming the world not by their own strength, but by clinging to the grace of Jesus Christ that springs up in the heart.