Patrick Livingston

Patrick Livingston

Patrick Livingston (1634-1694) was born in Scotland, near Montrose, and was convinced of the Truth as held by the people called Quakers about the year 1659. Continuing in humble submission to the heart-changing power of grace, he became one of the principal instruments made use of in the northern parts of Scotland for the gathering of many from the barren mountains of empty religious profession, to feed in the green pastures of Life. By example as well as by exhortation, in bonds and out of bonds, he greatly upheld and strengthened the hands of the persecuted flock of Christ in Scotland, especially in and around the city of Aberdeen. He was imprisoned many times for preaching the gospel and meeting together in private homes to worship God, and was once confined for the space of three years without ever being called to appear before a court or judge, or having any crime laid to his charge.

Books by Patrick Livingston

Selection from the Life of Patrick Livingston
Friends Library Publishing

Selection from the Life of Patrick Livingston

Patrick Livingston

Selection from the Life of Patrick Livingston

A selection from the writings of Patrick Livingston, an eminent minister in the early Society of Friends, containing an autobiographical account of his spiritual progress, and excerpts from several letters written from the prison in Aberdeen, Scotland.

  • 55 pages
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  • Audio Book
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