Mary Hagger

Mary Hagger

Mary Hagger (1758-1840) was raised by pious parents, and being of a meek and humble disposition, was early visited by the power of the Lord, though at the time she says, “I knew not what it was that so sweetened and tendered my heart.” Faithfully yielding to the convictions and instructions of grace, she was prepared by the Lord as a vessel for His service. But when she felt it required of her to bear public testimony to the goodness of the Lord, for many years the language of her heart was, “Send by whom you will send, but not by me.” However, in the latter part of her life she was at last made willing to speak as the Lord enabled her, and became an instrument of usefulness in the church.

Oh my dear children, may you never rest but in the wrestling of the soul, until He has fully redeemed you, until He has finished the work He has begun in you. Oh! from my dying bed, I beg of you, that it may be the earnest breathing of your souls, that you may be redeemed from the perishing things of time, and that your affections may be fixed upon eternity. Oh, eternity! Oh, the length of eternity! Oh, that it may be impressed on every heart the length of eternity! There is no end!

- Mary Hagger (upon her deathbed)

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Life of Mary Hagger
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Life of Mary Hagger

Mary Hagger

Life of Mary Hagger

The journal and letters of Mary Hagger, relating some early impressions and convictions of the Spirit, her reluctance to be used of the Lord in the work of the ministry, and her happy surrender to His call in the evening of her day.

  • 138 pages
  • journal, letters
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