Mary Ann Gilpin

Mary Ann Gilpin

The short life of Mary Ann Gilpin (1813-1838) is a beautiful and compelling testimony to the powerful operation of the Spirit of Truth upon any heart that is “humble, contrite, and trembles at His Word.” Bowing her neck to the yoke of Christ at a young age, this extraordinary young woman was led step by step through the wilderness of this world, through great losses and painful trials, unto a true growth in grace and a steadfastness in faith. She finished her race in her 25th year, having fought the good fight, kept the faith, and left behind her an “aroma of life”—the sweet fragrance of the knowledge of her Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

Oh let me once more entreat you to live as strangers and pilgrims here; and to seek, with increasing earnestness, a preparation for an enduring inheritance in that happy land, where, I humbly trust, through redeeming mercy, I am hastening.

- Mary Ann Gilpin (on her deathbed)

Books by Mary Ann Gilpin

Journal of Mary Ann Gilpin
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Journal of Mary Ann Gilpin

Mary Ann Gilpin

Journal of Mary Ann Gilpin

The journal and letters of Mary Ann Gilpin, written in the final years of her short but valuable life, relating her earnest desires to be thoroughly purified, her faithfulness and submission in times of great bodily suffering, and her joyful victory over sin and the grave.

  • 176 pages
  • journal
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