Spanish Translations

On the Spanish version of this site, we currently have 59 books that have been carefully translated and are available for download. More books are being translated right now, and new titles will be added regularly.

About our Translations

The books on this website were written in English roughly between the years 1650 and 1850, and we are excited to be translating many of them into Spanish for the very first time. Anyone who is familiar with two or more languages knows that producing quality translations is tricky business, and the complexity increases when the original language has archaic grammar, expressions, spelling, etc.

Our Team

Because of their obvious limitations, we do not use machine translators (like Google Translate). Instead, we have a small team of translators in Costa Rica, Venezuela, and the United States who are busy every day, working slowly and carefully through every word and phrase of these publications. Individual chapters, or sections of text are translated one by one, and then sent to other team members to be reviewed and corrected. This section is then returned to the original translator to be revised, and finally passed on to yet another member of our team for a final proofing. This is a slow and tedious process, and some of our books have taken several years to complete. But the rewarding result is a translation that we can confidently say conveys both the words and the intent of the original author.