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Selection from the Life of Jane Pearson

Jane Pearson

A selection from The Life and Experiences of Jane Pearson, giving and account of her early dedication to the Lord, her uncommon trials (both inward and outward), her labors as a minister in the Society of Friends, and her extraordinary religious experiences in later years.

Life and Letters of Samuel Crisp

Samuel Crisp

Three valuable letters of Samuel Crisp, with extracts from his work entitled “A Vindication of the People Called Quakers,” to which is prefixed a short memoir of his life.

Selection from the Journal of Catherine Payton

Catherine Payton

A selection from the Life and Letters of Catherine Payton (1727-1794, also known by her married name, Catherine Phillips) containing a biographical narrative of her upbringing and early surrender to the Lord, along with four remarkable letters, written to individuals in a variety of spiritual conditions.

The Life of William Penn

William Penn

William Penn was a prominent figure in the 17th and early 18th century, celebrated as an author, a minister of the gospel, and a statesman. The “Life of William Penn” by Enoch Lewis contains both a historical and spiritual biography of this eminent minister, and also includes a considerable collection of his most famous writings.


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