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Selection from the Life of Thomas Ellwood

Thomas Ellwood

A selection from the life of Thomas Ellwood, relating his convincement of the truth through the ministry of Edward Burrough, his early submission to the teachings of the Spirit in the midst of suffering, and the great benefit received from his intimate friendship with Isaac and Mary Penington.

The Life of Elizabeth Ashbridge

Elizabeth Ashbridge

A short autobiography of the life of Elizabeth Ashbridge, relating the mercy and loving-kindness of the Lord in rescuing her from a life of folly and misery, and so changing her heart that she at length became a faithful follower of Christ and a respected minister in the Society of Friends.

The Life of Edward Burrough

Edward Burrough

A biographical account of the life and gospel labors of Edward Burrough, containing a large collection of personal letters (to people like Margaret Fell, Francis Howgill, and Oliver Cromwell), epistles to the churches, and excerpts from many of his treatises, doctrinal works, and published debates with some who opposed the early society.


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