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The Journal of George Whitehead

George Whitehead

The Journal of George Whitehead, relating his pursuit of the living God from a child, his growth in grace and usefulness to the church, and his many appearances before kings and magistrates to plead the cause of his persecuted brethren.

The Letters of John Thorp

John Thorp

A collection of letters written by John Thorp, evincing his deep experience of the trials, perplexities, and joys of the Christian race, and his remarkable ability to “comfort others with the comfort with which he himself was comforted by God;” to which is prefixed a memoir of his life, written by his intimate friend, John Bradshaw.

The Life of Margaret Lucas

Margaret Lucas

An account of the life of Margaret Lucas, relating her convincement of the truth when young, the difficulties and painful trials she endured because of her faithfulness to Christ, and the great struggle she later met with for resisting the Lord’s call to be a minister in the Society of Friends.

The Life and Letters of William and Alice Ellis

William Ellis

The Lives and Letters of William and Alice Ellis, containing a biographical account of this worthy couple, a large collection of personal letters both to and from prominent early Friends (like William Edmundson, John Richardson, etc.), and a short history of the first gathering of Friends in Settle Monthly Meeting.


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