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Selection from the Journal of Job Scott

Job Scott

A selection from the Journal of Job Scott, focusing on his early experiences of the Spirit of Truth when a child, his temptations and rebellion against the Lord’s convictions and corrections in the time of his adolescence, and his whole-hearted surrender to Christ when nineteen years of age.

The Journal of Charles Marshall

Charles Marshall

This publication contains the full journal of Charles Marshall, a large collection of his letters and epistles to the churches, and a number of treatises and other publications, including, “The Way of Life Revealed and the Way of Death Discovered.”

The Life of Gilbert Latey

Gilbert Latey

A narrative of many remarkable events in the life of Gilbert Latey, together with an historical account of the first ministers and established meetings of Friends in London.

The Journal of Daniel Stanton

Daniel Stanton

A journal of the life, travels, and gospel labours of Daniel Stanton, giving an account of his surrender to the Spirit of Truth when an orphan, his growth in grace and his travels in the work of the ministry; also containing his epistles to monthly and quarterly meetings in North Carolina.


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