Plain Text Download Format

April 5, 2021—Friends Library now supports a new, plain-text download format specially designed for text-to-speech apps.

While a growing number of our books are available in audiobook format, we still have many titles not yet recorded, and it’s likely that some of our books never will be. At the same time, apps designed to read aloud from text sources continue to make great improvements in quality and affordability. This new download format is specifically designed to work well in these apps by stripping out all formatting, and making small modifications like announcing the beginning and end of footnotes, which are read as encountered.

To try out the new format, click the “Download” button below any of our books, and choose the Plain Text format. It is recommended you initiate the download on the phone or device with the text-to-speech app. At that point, you may have to “share” the file with your app, using your phone or device's built-in features.

If you’re interested in trying out a text-to-speech app, we recommend Voice Dream Reader.