Rebecca Jones

Rebecca Jones

Words fail to describe the beautiful life and heart-tendering ministry of Rebecca Jones (1739-1818). When still a child, her eyes were opened to see the “ancient path” through the powerful preaching of Catherine Payton; and persevering in it all the days of her long and fruitful life, she was made a “vessel for honor, sanctified and useful to the Master, prepared for every good work.” Her diary and letters are both endearing and instructive, telling the story of a meek disciple, a tireless minister, a loving “mother in Israel”, a powerful preacher, and a shining example of every Christian virtue.

Rebecca Jones, a minister and mother in Israel (who had paid a religious visit to Friends in England and was highly esteemed by her contemporaries for religious experience, sound judgment and spiritual discernment) resided in this city, and her house was frequented by ministers and elders, and by younger members coming under the love of the Truth, who sought the benefit of her counsel and instructive conversation.

- William Evans

Books by Rebecca Jones

The Life and Letters of Rebecca Jones
Friends Library Publishing

The Life and Letters of Rebecca Jones

Rebecca Jones

The Life and Letters of Rebecca Jones

An account of the life, Christian experiences, and gospel labors of Rebecca Jones, containing an autobiographical portion, letters to friends and fellow-ministers, and journal entries kept during her travels in Europe in the work of the ministry.

  • 394 pages
  • journal, letters
  • Audio Book
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“I have brought over an American Quaker lady who possessed more sense than both Houses of Parliament.”

Captain Thomas Truxton (after crossing the Atlantic with Rebecca Jones)

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The Journal of Thomas Scattergood

Thomas Scattergood

The Journal of Thomas ScattergoodThomas Scattergood

Thomas Scattergood and Rebecca Jones, both natives of Philadelphia, were intimate friends and esteemed companions in the work of the ministry. Thomas’s journal contains several letters from this valued friend, and mentions the help received from her deep understanding and sometimes prophetic counsel.

Friends Library Publishing

The Life and Letters of Sarah Grubb

Sarah Grubb

The Life and Letters of Sarah GrubbSarah Grubb

During a lengthy ministry trip to Great Britain, Sarah Grubb spent many weeks traveling and ministering with Rebecca Jones, many details of which she relates in her journal. The two became cemented in a deep bond of friendship and kept up a correspondence that lasted until Sarah’s death.