John Churchman

John Churchman

John Churchman (1705-1775) was a man whose entire life was devoted to the increase of Christ’s kingdom in the hearts of men. Having experienced the spiritual baptism which saves, and abiding in a state of watchfulness and humility, he grew from stature to stature and became an upright minister and father in the church, traveling diligently in the work of the ministry as an example to all in word, conduct, faith and love. Three days before his death, though weak and unable to stand on his own, he said to those standing by his bedside, “I feel more life, more light, more love and sweetness than ever before,” and then speaking more of the divine refreshment and comfort he felt flowing like a pure stream to his inward man, he said, “I feel that which lives beyond death and the grave.”

We were met here by our worthy friend, that good man, John Churchman, an eminent minister of the Gospel, whose services are well known to many in England, Wales, Scotland, Ireland, Holland, Germany, etc.; his labour was great, instructing, convincing, and edifying to many, by whom he is had in sweet remembrance.

- Joseph Oxley

Books by John Churchman

The Journal of John Churchman
Friends Library Publishing

The Journal of John Churchman

John Churchman

The Journal of John Churchman

The Journal of John Churchman, an eminent minister in the Society of Friends, who became a qualified instrument in the hand of the Lord for the instruction and edification of the church, and a father in the faith to many prominent ministers of the succeeding generation.

  • 245 pages
  • journal
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In 1750, John Pemberton crossed the Atlantic intending to spend time in Europe for purposes of business and for the benefit of his health. But finding his heart nearly attached to his fellow-passanger, John Churchman, he “found no liberty to leave him,” and spent the next three years travelling with him throughout Europe in the work of the ministry.