Isaac Martin

Isaac Martin

Isaac Martin (1758-1828) was a sweet-spirited minister in the Society of Friends. Having fallen from a two-story window and cracked his skull when a small child, he suffered agonizing pain in his head and eye for the great majority of his life. But despite his frequent ailments, he submitted whole-heartedly to Christ’s baptism of Spirit and fire, and became an effective minister who depended entirely upon the power and direction of the Holy Spirit. On this subject he once wrote - “Unless I had felt the Lord’s blessed presence to strengthen and qualify me, I would rather have laid down my life, than have attempted to minister to the people by virtue of any knowledge or ability, natural or acquired, which, as a man, I might possess.”

Preaching, under the influence of the Holy Spirit, is good, and is a blessing to the church; but, I am persuaded, that if people generally were disposed to receive strength from the pure Fountain of everlasting love opened in their own hearts, there would be but little necessity for it.

- Isaac Martin

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The Journal of Isaac Martin
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The Journal of Isaac Martin

Isaac Martin

The Journal of Isaac Martin

The journal of Isaac Martin, giving an account of his conversion and growth in the truth, his daily sufferings of body due to a childhood accident, and his faithful labor in the work of the ministry. Appended to this edition is his “Testimony to the Silent Worship of God in Spirit and Truth.”

  • 131 pages
  • journal
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