Francis Howgill

Francis Howgill

Francis Howgill (1618-1669), received a university education to become a minister in the Episcopal church. However, being dissatisfied with the superstition which he saw remaining in it, he soon left it, joining himself to the Independents, and then to the Anabaptists, desperately seeking the true spiritual life that his soul thirsted after. At length, being mightily affected by the ministry of George Fox, he joined the persecuted society called Quakers, among whom he became a widely respected member and evangelist. He died in prison for his testimony to the truth, leaving behind many influential books and letters.

I have sought the way of the Lord from a child, and lived innocently as among men; and if any inquire concerning my latter end, let them know that I die in the faith in which I lived, and suffered for.

- Francis Howgill

Books by Francis Howgill

Francis Howgill (1618–1668) was a valiant minister of the gospel in the early Society of Friends in England who suffered great persecution and eventually died in prison for “the Word of God and for the testimony of Jesus.” This short book contains a remarkable explanation of the Day of the Lord, and a powerful description of the Holy Spirit’s work in the heart of man.

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Some of the Mysteries of God’s Kingdom Declared
Friends Library Publishing

Some of the Mysteries of God’s Kingdom Declared

As they have been Revealed
by the Spirit through Faith

Francis Howgill

Some of the Mysteries of God’s Kingdom Declared

A short treatise written by Francis Howgill, describing the nature of the Day of the Lord, the effect of its dawning in the heart, and the necessity of our perfect surrender to the discoveries of Truth as they come to be seen in the light.

  • 89 pages
  • treatise, exhortation
  • Audio Book
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“And though his blood does cry out for vengeance, yet he could say ‘the Lord forgive all my persecutors;’ for having the mind of Christ, he desired the good of all, yes even the worst of his enemies, and in that desire for the good of all he did labor and travail, seeking their good and their eternal welfare in the inheritance of life.”

George Fox

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