Abel Thomas

Abel Thomas

Although Abel Thomas (1737-1816) received very little education, and his outward occupation was never more than a common day-laborer, yet by faithful obedience to the Spirit of Truth he became an eminent minister in the Society of Friends. In the performance of his gospel labors, he was frequently led to travel in New England during the time of the Revolution War, because of which, on several occasions, he was in danger of losing his life. Once, for having crossed military lines into territory that was under the control of the British army, he was arrested and accused of treason, a capital offense. His innocent fearlessness in facing these trials, the heavenly wisdom with which he was endowed on such occasions, and his uncompromising obedience to the light of Jesus Christ, give great depth and value to this short memoir of his life.

In this way I struggled along, till near eighteen years of age, when it pleased the Lord to send his faithful servant, Abel Thomas, into our parts, who, in a large meeting, addressed a particular state, and was enabled to speak to my condition more correctly than I could have done, clearly informing me what I had departed from, and showing that this was the cause of the distress I was in. He then took hold of my infidel principles, fixed his eyes in my face, and to me, in a wonderful manner, unfolded my reasonings, laid waste all my arguments, and then warned me in a solemn manner, to return to the Truth from which I had departed, closing his testimony with these words: ‘That Jesus, whom you have denied, has revealed to me your state and condition.’

- Joseph Hoag

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The Life of Abel Thomas
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The Life of Abel Thomas

Abel Thomas

The Life of Abel Thomas

A memoir of the life of Abel Thomas (1737-1816), giving an account of his early surrender to the Spirit of Truth, and his travels and trials in the work of the ministry during the time of the Revolutionary War in America; also containing a collection of letters addressed to his wife later in life.

  • 76 pages
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